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With the growing concern among mankind for the limitedness of natural resources, the need for finding alternative resources has also risen. In circumstances such as these, the sun has become a beckon of hope for us. It has the capacity to power up the human life for years to come, without the fear of running out. All we need is the technology needed to make use of this excellent resource. Fortunately, humans have done just that and have brainstormed the hell out of solar energy. Many of its applications and potential use has been designed. Much of these plans have become reality in the shape of solar cars and roof panels. These goods are not only good for the environment, but can also be extremely profitable, keeping in mind the population of today which wants to be ‘green’ in all their purchasing decisions. Solar-based equipment are huge sellers in today’s market.

Solar Panels are in general Rectangular Shaped thingies made of silicon which are Glass Covered and have the capacity to Produce Electricity when brought in direct line of the sun. Direct current is produced from these panels. This type of electricity has to be converted by a solar invertor. Only then does it become suitable for use by the consumer.

Electricity produced by solar panels costs roughly between 15 to 18 lakhs. This can go a lot higher based on the units needed. .Various telecom towers that run on diesel are expensive and also not exactly earth-friendly. Replacing them with solar panels can be an excellent option.

It may seem a little expensive at the moment, but give it a few years, and soon, the solar panel and electricity will cost you almost equally.

In various places such as Italy, the prices of Solar Electricity are already competitive with electricity due to the as it is high prices of the latter. The Conversion of light energy in to electrical energy is based on a concept called photovoltaic effect. Silicon is the majorly used material for setting up photovoltaic cell.

The key component of the solar energy generation system is the Solar cell. It consists of three important elements which are the semiconductor material, the junction formed within the semiconductor and the contacts on the front and rear of the cell that let the current to flow to the outside circuit.

Solar energy has wide spread uses and applications. Various fields that would benefit from it include telecom, automobile manufacturing, constructions and others. Many key features make solar power all too attractive to the general folks, as well as the industrial giants. In terms of wanting to save the earth, you simply can’t go wrong with solar energy. By using it, any industrialist can remove his or her carbon footprint from the earth. As solar is a renewable resource, you don’t have to ever worry about running out. Anyone wanting to venture into this field has to have a very tech-savy as well as a profit-aimed mentality. Other than that, the market for solar powered goods is expanding by the day.